Trent Boulevard Eco Apartments

CBP Architects have been working very closely with our client, Kevin Hard of Stagfield, to produce a ‘Statement Building’ on Trent Boulevard. The requirement was for a contemporary structure using modern construction methods and materials rather than traditional brickwork. We were encouraged and motivated by this brief and the result is a very different style of architecture but maintaining the street scene and using some modern versions of traditional materials, such as copper and lead.

We have liaised with the Rushcliffe Planning Officers throughout the process and they were exceptionally supportive, fully recognising that Trent Boulevard needed a visual break on what is a rather long and unvarying street-scene. It would have been a comparatively easy path for us as CBP to simply cut and paste what is already there so that the new development would have been a pastiche, imitation and copy of what was being designed over a hundred years ago. We did not believe that this was the path to take and our building reflects modern structure, construction, use of materials and current building regulations.

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